On the Fringe: A Star Finder Homebrew

On the Fringe is a Starfinder Homebrew ran by a Gamemaster known as "Renodrach". It is a homebrew set on a fringe collection of Star Citadels located on the Border between the Pact World System, and the Veskarium Empire.

Things of Note:


  • Crunch is heavily based on the Starfinder Core Rulebook.
  • If players do not own the Core Rulebook, most of the rules WILL BE posted on here.
  • Stats will be handled by 15 point buy.
  • This group uses Skype, and Roll20. Bear this in mind.
  • No use of Third Party Material at this time, it MUST be a Paizo Product. Changes may come later. -Zed, 9/5/2017


  • The overall point of the Campaign is a Social mixed with Combat. 
  • Player Character Actions will have consequences, both minor, and MAJOR!!!!!!
  • Themes of Gender identity WILL be present in the campaign.
  • Social issues such as Racism, Homophobia, Xenophobia, and much more WILL be present in the Campaign!!!! Be Warned!!!!!
  • The Campaign will have a Introduction adventure to help players get first hand experience into the game's mechanics.
  • This Campaign assumes the players need to leave Pact World/Veskarium space due to crimes committed, whether framed or true, or other reasons that have forced them to flee.


If this campaign interests you, please message Renodrach (the Gamemaster), for a invite. 

On the Fringe: A Starfinder Campaign

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